Craven Digital and Stump Cross Caverns

Virtual caves – online 3D exploration of Stump Cross Caverns

We created a tiered purchasing system to embed 3D virtual tours of Stump Cross Caverns in their website, allowing people to buy premium virtual explorer passes or simply browse the tasters or free basic options:

Time slot booking system for Stump Cross Caverns

At the end of the COVID-19 lockdown we created an entirely new booking system for Stump Cross Caverns, allowing visitors to book time slots for cave entry. Customers can also reserve a table (and pay a deposit) as part of their visit. It’s also now possible to book pitches for motorhomes (with a requirement to book a cave visit and/or cafe table as part of your stay) and to hire the private cinema. All through the bespoke booking system.

Website refresh for Stump Cross Caverns

Booking system for Stump Cross Caverns

Craven Digital created an online ticketing system for Stump Cross Caverns, allowing visitors to pay for same-day instant cave entry tickets, or to pre-book for a date in the future.


  • Instant tickets for use today are automatically withdrawn from sale as the last entry time approaches.
  • Easy “today” and “tomorrow” options make choosing a date easier
  • Provides a quick price-checking tool
  • Personalised tickets displayed on-screen and emailed to the customer
  • Flexible cross-selling opportunities are built into the process
  • Payments are processed with full SCA compliance

Website for Stump Cross Caverns