Our friendly training sessions start with a brew and a chat. They’re short and informal, with lots of time for questions. We don’t rush or click too fast. We don’t speak gobbledegook or in code. We listen, demonstrate and explain. And our studio is the perfect place to come and clear your head, with no distractions.


Bespoke training

We can provide tailored training sessions, on a one-to-one or group basis, offering courses and hands-on tuition for any aspect of online technology. Whether it’s editing your own website, sending emails, using social media or even computer basics, we can help.

Here are just a few of the things we can help with…

  • Setting up email and programs for reading writing and sending them
  • Helping you get to grips with using Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest version of Windows
  • We can still help people using older versions of Windows and Apple computers
  • Helping to set up Wi Fi, and connect computers printers etc. to your Wi Fi network
  • Basic computer use. Surfing the net, Facebook etc.
  • Getting started with office programs, word processing, spreadsheets.
  • Learning better ways of storing things on your computer to make them easier to find
  • How to keep your computer safe. Setting up and using security programs
  • Discovering more ways to keep in touch with friends and family using your¬†computer, Skype, FaceTime, Messenger etc.
  • How to get the photos off your phone or tablet and onto a computer or memory stick.
  • How to put your music collection onto your computer.

Something not on the list? Puzzled? Just plain flummoxed? Give us a call, and we will try and help.